NOTE: The Executive Committee will meet on an as needed basis.

NOTE: There will be no regular scheduled meetings of the YFA Collaborative.

Chatham-Savannah Youth Futures Authority
601 East 66th Street
Suite 101
Savannah, GA 31405

P.O. Box 14317, Savannah, GA  31416

Phone: 912.352.7054 ~ Fax: 912.352.7451
Edward Chisolm, Executive Director

What We Do

There are several spokes to the revolving wheel of work performed by the Authority. Our work to identify and address key issues of concern impacting children, youth, and families, and to communicate it on both a local and state level, is accomplished through various events and mandates. The use of data and information helps us to focus on the critical issues. The community is engaged in events to solicit feedback that is used in the development of our strategic plan and to set priorities for the Authority. Key issues of concern are presented and advocated at the legislative level. And, as part of our community development focus, we have made the commitment, along with our partners and others interested, to devote the next several years towards the establishment of a Savannah Promise Neighborhood.  This initiative seeks to improve the conditions for children, youth, and famlies in an identified inner-city area of Savannah by identifying, developing, and orchestrating best practice solutions with committed partners across a developmental pipeline that spans from birth through age 24.