Kids Matter! - 2008


Kids Matter! represents a work in transition towards revamping our annual status report to the Chatham County community on the key indicators that serve as a barometer to the success and well-being of our children, youth, and families. The new title succinctly describes the perception, philosophy, and approach to our work to make Kids Matter! in our community. This report outlines the latest data on indicators that address the areas of Healthy Children, Children Ready for and Succeeding in School, Strong Families & Neighborhoods, and Self-Sufficient Families.

In an effort to improve upon this report, you will notice a more streamlined appearance that has been reduced from previous Community Profile reports. Considerable time was devoted to identifying the appropriate indicators that serve as more appropriate gauges to the well-being of children and youth in this present day and age. We also incorporated best practices and additional resources to assist the reader in better understanding the nature of the problem and to encourage additional research.

This Kids Matter! report would not be possible without the continued support and commitment to this work by the collaborative board members and partner agencies of the Chatham-Savannah Youth Futures Authority (YFA), which also serves as the Georgia Family Connection Partnership collaborative for Chatham County. YFA is proud to be associated with the work of Georgia Family Connection, and hope that you find this Kids Matter! report meaningful and timely. Please visit YFA s web site at to access this report and other information to enhance your knowledge of youth and family issues.

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