NOTE: The Executive Committee will meet on an as needed basis.

NOTE: There will be no regular scheduled meetings of the YFA Collaborative.

Chatham-Savannah Youth Futures Authority
601 East 66th Street
Suite 101
Savannah, GA 31405

P.O. Box 14317, Savannah, GA  31416

Phone: 912.352.7054 ~ Fax: 912.352.7451
Edward Chisolm, Executive Director

About Us

The Chatham-Savannah Youth Futures Authority (YFA) is a state legislated authority serving as the collaborative for addressing issues relevant to children, youth and families in Chatham County, Georgia.  The collaborative is comprised of representatives from city, county and state government, the local board of education, more than 20 health and human service providers with a focus on children, youth and families, the United Way of the Coastal Empire, faith community, area businesses and neighborhoods.   YFA is also the collaborative body and fiscal agent representing Chatham County in the Georgia Family Connection Partnership, which is a statewide initiative that promotes the use of collaborative development and family engagement to effect positive impacts on the condition of children and families across Georgia's counties.

The YFA has been in the business of collaborating and advocating on behalf of children, youth, and families since its inception in 1988. Part of the work involves engaging various sectors of the community in problem identification and strategies to address priority issues and concerns, and reporting to the community on key indicators that assist the collaborative in charting the course for change. Other work consists of maintaining the collaborative and its related committees, developing and monitoring plans of actions, and providing assistance as required on key initiatives and strategies that help in the achievement of the vision.

Priority Areas:

Child Health & Youth Well-Being: Promote access to proper health (physical and behavioral) and preventative health services and supports to foster proper development.  YFA indicators that are addressed in this priority are: low birth weight, infant deaths, teen pregnancy, and child abuse and neglect.    

Ensuring Educational Success: Address improved access to adequate early childhood development and child care opportunities that incorporate essential components to address school readiness, socialization skills, and parental involvement. 

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention: Impact and reduce the number of our youth who enter the juvenile and criminal justice systems, in addition to reducing the rate of recidivism for those who are already involved in delinquent or criminal activity.  More of our youth need to remain on the right track to successfully transition to early adulthood and beyond. 


Documents for Review:


                Annual Report-2013                             Annual Report-2014